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After the conquest of the city by the Syracusans, the Romans enter into possession of Cefalù, then it gets under the control of the Arabs and finally under the Normans. In this period of various conquests by so many different peoples the city reaches its maximal prosperity and its historic-cultural richness. The Norman king Rugero II has the urban system of the city enlarged and the superb cathedral built.

In 1348 the powerful Ventimiglia family assumes the control over Cefalù and has a new building located, the sill today visible “Osterio Magno”.
Between ‘500 and ‘600 the constructions for the enlargement of the urban system are terminated and today are still visible all the monasteries and noble palaces. During the Spanish regime the city goes through a depression and flourishes again between 1820 and 1846, during the revolution.

Situated in the Madonie Park and part of the Association of “The Most Beautiful Towns of Italy”, Cefalù has 13,000 inhabitants and is one of Sicily’s most visited touristic resorts. Along the typical small streets of the historic district there are many antiquarian and souvenir stores. Ancient city walls built in the 5th century surround Cefalù.

Experts think that its name comes from the Greek name Kephaloidion with reference to the head-shaped fortress, which overlooks the city.There is actually some prehistoric findings on the hill where the fortress is situated, but the first real structure of which there are significant evidences dates back the IX century B.C. It is a building constructed with a monoliths, called “Temple of Diana”, it was transformed later into a church during the byzantine dominion.

The excavations downtown Cefalù brought to light 6 streets from the ancient urban system as well as numerous walls and homes. Some of these findings have already been restored and opened up to the public.

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