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City of Palermo

Palermo, capital of Sicily is a beautiful historical city, culturally one of the richest in Italy and already the crossroads of great civilizations of the past.
Significant examples are the Cathedral (1169-1185), the Palatine Chapel (1140) and the Church of St. John of the Hermits (1132).

Palermo was in fact an important Arab Emirate, becoming one of the most important cities in Europe in XII century under the Normans. Its history and geographical location make it a city of extraordinary charm.
We find it located in a panoramic area (the famous Conca d'Oro), surrounded by a semicircle of picturesque mountains and hills and enriched by the lure of an omnipresent sea and mild climate.

Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians in the VII century BC. In 254 BC it was conquered by the Romans, who do not leave significant traces in the urban structure. The flourishing period begins with the Arab rule in the IX century BC, when "Balarm" turns into one of the most important centers in the 'west. The city expands, new districts, among them the Kalsa, develops in the Palermo coast, where live the Emir.

In 1072 the city is under the Norman Count Roger government that allows merchants, craftsmen, and the Arab population (and Jewish) to continue freely to exercise their occupation. These are the conditions for the development of the Arab-Norman style, which characterizes the art history of the island.

Palermo is well known under Frederick II, in particular for the school of poets, where scholars, scientists, lawyers and poets joined. After the death of Frederick II and the following military conflicts, the nobility of Palermo governs enriching the city with magnificent palaces, sculptors, fine arts and decorations.

From the XV and XVII centuries, Palermo is the province of Aragon, ruled by a viceroy. The city is elected capital of the Spanish viceroy, when Charles V, in 1516, was crowned king. In the seventeenth century, in 'Baroque era, the city becomes even more beautiful.

After a short-lived government of Savoy, 1713 - 1718, Palermo is ruled by Charles III of Bourbon, King of Naples and Sicily, and later, in 1759 by his son Ferdinand VI. Sculptures, and works in marble and stucco enriched palaces, churches and gardens with the blossoms of the city.

After the Congress of Vienna in 1816, King Ferdinand abolished the constitution and submits the Sicilians. The city is already in poor condition in 1860 when Garibaldi landed with its thousands of volunteers.

After a new referendum, Sicily was joined to the new Kingdom of Italy. The city expanded rapidly after the restorations and the population grows. Unfortunately, the world wars have damaged the art treasures of the city, which were only restored thanks to the reconstruction program in 1947. In 1946 he was approved a royal decree, assigning autonomy to the island, the constitution of the region Sicily.

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