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Selinunte is the most important ancient archaeological site for the grandeur of its findings. Its name comes from the plant of the wild parsley, said in greek "Selinon", which is often represented in ancient coins of the city.

It has an Acropolis with its maximum buildings and presents a road network with two main orthogonal arteries between them and of equal width (9m.) On which are projected small houses.
It had a short life (about 240 years) . In this period its population grew to 100,000 inhabitants.
Today conditions of the city are not only due to its destruction by the Carthaginians, but also to earthquakes, to centuries of neglect and serious spoliation.

Selinunte, sub-foundation of Megara Hyblea, was founded in 650 BC (Diodorus) along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, between the two valleys of the two rivers Belice and Modione, on a place not affected by previous indigenous settlements. Selinunte founded Heraclea Minoa around in 570 BC ,at the mouth of its extreme southern border, the river Platani.
Quickly it reached its splendor in the sixth and fifth centuries. B.C.; his wealth was perhaps due to the domain that exercised over a vast territory. Selinunte is the westernmost Greek colony in Sicily, in direct contact with the area occupied by the Carthaginians. Throughout its history it is conditioned by this border position, until the dissolution of the problem with the Roman conquest of Sicily.

First on good terms with the Carthaginians, after their defeat in the Battle of Himera (480 BC), Selinunte tightened alliance with Syracuse, which remained faithful. Its territorial expansion policy towards Segesta caused several wars: the first battle took place in 580 BC from which Segesta emerged victorious.

In 415 a.C.Segesta asked for help to Athens to intervene against the initiative of Selinunte supported by Syracuse. The Athenians took as a pretext the request of Segesta to undertake a great expedition to Sicily and besiege Syracuse, but they came out disastrously defeated.
In Selinunte the final battle took place in 409 BC with the intervention of the Carthaginians, who landed in Sicily caught by surprise the city that fell, after only nine days of siege, before they could reach for help from Syracuse and Agrigento.
Occupied, looted and destroyed, 16,000 citizens were killed, 5,000 were enslaved, 2,600 escaped to Agrigento.

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